With over 25 years of industry experience, The Leslie Group team is bringing our LEVERAGE to the table. With a strong team of consultants, service reps, and account managers, we are able to offer unique Group Benefit and Group Retirement Solutions.

The management of group benefit plan costs, even in positive economic times, is never easy. With the current economic conditions, shrinking marketplace, and rapidly increasing healthcare and drug costs, the challenges have significantly increased. These factors for small and midsize businesses have resulted in many clients seeing double digit cost increases where the only viable solutions available to them are to either reduce the coverage provided to their employees and/or increase the employee share of the plan costs.

The number one employee benefit concern for small and midsize businesses is managing increasing costs. The Leslie Group currently manages over $130 million of group insurance premiums and over $600 million of group retirement assets across over 550 clients. We have been successful in reducing investment management fees and limiting overall cost increases in 2016 & 2017 to an average of low single digits by leveraging buying power. While these solutions have and continue to bring excellent value to our current and new clients, we continue to work to improve our products and services in order to enhance our value proposition and competitive advantage.

  • Over 25 years of experience
  • $130M of group insurance premiums
  • Over $600M in group retirement assets
  • Increased buying power
  • Reduced plan expenses
  • 98% retention rate
  • Team of consultants and service reps


Our experience indicates that small businesses want value, competitive benefits, with no increase in risk or cost. The Leslie Group’s solution is our LEVERAGE program, which was designed to leverage economies of scale across our entire client base for group benefits & group retirement products, and offers substantial savings without any increased financial risk.  The key advantage of this program is sustainable long-term savings through increased buying power by reducing the plan expenses charged by the insurance carrier. The LEVERAGE program is also eligible for the insurance industry large drug claim pooling protection and all clients receive a stand-alone contract for plan design and administration customization. Increased buying power coupled with our strength in selecting appropriate suppliers and managing those relationships, negotiating renewals, our creative approach to plan management, and various preferred provider networks, The Leslie Group is well equipped to represent your firm.

What is Required to Proceed with a Review?

We require detailed information on your current benefits program including employee census data, claims experience information, rates, cost sharing, and funding arrangements. However, depending on the situation, we can obtain most of this information directly from the insurance carrier. The next step is to complete our review and prepare a report with recommendations that outline opportunities and savings. The Leslie Group will assist with the implementation, coordination of changes, communication to your plan members as well as ongoing management of your program.

Please contact us for a no cost review.

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