The Leslie Group wants to inform you that we continue to monitor events as it relates to COVID-19. We know there is widespread uncertainty and you may be wondering how best to protect your employees during this time.

From the insurer perspective, each is approaching Medical and Disability claims a bit differently and general policy content may differ. The majority of insurers have released their position and guidelines for claims handling. 

We encourage you to: 

  • Follow the official precautions outlined by the Government of Canada and the World Health Organization. Click here for the World Health Organization’s note on how to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in your workplace. Simple things like making sure workplaces are clean and hygienic, promoting regular and thorough handwashing and providing access to things like hand sanitizer can go a long way.
  • TLG has partnered with Dialogue and we strongly encourage exploring virtual care. This can be a great resource in times like these, when employees may be concerned about being exposed to COVID-19 by visiting a health care facility such as a hospital, their doctor’s office or walk-in clinic. Dialogue, a leading provider in the virtual health care space, has released a free tool that is available to the general Canadian public to assist people in obtaining accurate information that is specific to them with regards to COVID-19. Click here to find the link.
  • Remind employees of your company’s position on business travel or events. Remind them too, that in contemplating their personal travel plans, they need to use their discretion and be vigilant. They should check the Government of Canada’s website and that of their destination country to ensure there are no current travel bans.
  • Remind employees to review the terms of any other personal insurance they may have purchased in relation to Emergency Out-of-province/Out-of-Canada, Emergency Travel Assistance and Trip Cancellation coverage.
  • Try to accommodate work processes as much as possible from a virtual setting.
  • Contact your Leslie Group representative if you have further questions or require a copy of an insurer’s guidelines for claims handling (if not already received).

We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates should the situation evolve. The Leslie Group has a strong business continuity plan in place to ensure our ongoing high levels of service. We will continue to serve our clients and be your first point of contact related to your group benefit program.

The Leslie Group Limited