Group Retirement

We assist with coordinating the implementation of any plan changes as well as the ongoing management of your program.

Consulting Services

Annual Capital Accumulation Plan review which includes the following:

  • Review of plan performance for the year including asset growth and investment performance.
  • Review of investment portfolio to ensure options offered are appropriate.
  • Work jointly with record keeper to identify gaps in portfolio including funds to add or remove depending on investment trends, fees, and historical performance, and changes of fund managers and personnel.
  • Review fees to ensure they are appropriate based on enrollment, contributions, and plan assets.
  • Provide update on plan structure relative to updated industry benchmarks.
  • Annual portfolio review to fulfill all Plan Sponsor fiduciary responsibilities.
Continual assessment of the plan, taking the following into consideration:

  • Corporate philosophy.
  • Member demographics.
  • Economic environment.
  • Emerging trends and normative data.
  • Executive benefit needs.

Communications Support

  • Preparation of letters of direction for employer signature.
  • Prepare written member communications on behalf of the client regarding plan design changes.
  • We subscribe to various industry publications and attend numerous industry seminars to ensure ongoing staff education. Our role also includes keeping each client abreast of legislative changes affecting the design or administration of the plan and prepare communications for members in this regard where necessary.
  • Coordinate presentations for plan members including updates regarding plan changes and also annual employee communication/education sessions.

Administrative Support

Each Client is assigned a client service representative who acts as the liaison between the client’s human resources department and the group retirement provider. In this capacity, they will assist in the resolution of administrative concerns, and effectively educate both parties on the particular needs of the other.

Provide assistance and guidance to plan administrator with respect to day-to-day issues which may arise.