The Leslie Group is pleased to offer our clients a preferred pharmacy dispensing fee program that will assist in reducing and containing rising prescription drug costs while not reducing the coverage for plan members. The average total prescription drug cost is approximately $60.00 per prescription and rising. The dispensing fee typically ranges in cost from $9.99 to $12.99 per prescription in Ontario (dispensing fees vary by province) and $7.99 and $9.99 in most other provinces. The average dispensing fee currently represents 16% to 22% of the average cost of prescription drugs.

Our preferred dispensing fee arrangement currently offers a preferred rate of $8.00 in Ontario and $5.99 in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and the Maritimes (varies by province). In British Columbia and Alberta everyday best pricing is provided. This as an example is a reduction from the Ontario average dispensing fee charged of $10.50 by 23.91% and reduces the average total prescription drug costs by approximately 4.19%.

Our voluntary preferred pharmacy arrangement is available across Canada at no cost to our clients with the exception of Quebec. Unfortunately Quebec does not separate the cost of the dispensing fee which eliminates this opportunity. Our network with the Loblaws group of companies offer over 500 convenient locations across Canada (see website for locations of pharmacies).

The Leslie Group is able to structure your pay direct prescription drug card program to include a dispensing fee maximum that typically will immediately reduce your prescription drug plan costs by approximately 5%, while providing a voluntary option for the majority of the plan members to purchase prescriptions at a convenient location (Grocery Store) with no negative cost impact for members. With drug plan costs typically representing one of the higher benefit costs to a group insurance program. The question is; can you afford to not take advantage of this cost containment option available from The Leslie Group Limited?

The Leslie Group is a full service benefits consulting firm that is, in keeping with market conditions and legislative changes, committed to providing you with the best advice needed to manage your group benefits program. We would be pleased to address any questions and can be reached at (416) 510- 8966.