It has been almost five years since the Retirement Capital Accumulation Plan (CAP) guidelines were introduced (December 31, 2005) in Canada. These guidelines are designed to ensure that plan members are receiving ongoing education and communication surrounding their retirement plan, and that a reasonable number of investment options are available to allow plan members to build an investment portfolio that meets their risk tolerance and investment objectives. In addition that plan member charges for, administrative, record keeping and investment management fees are fair and competitive.

The Leslie Group is able to assist in ensuring that your Retirement plan (Group Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP), and or Deferred Profit Sharing plan (DPSP) and or Registered Pension plan (RPP) meets or exceeds these guidelines. Attached is a summary of the CAP guidelines.

The Leslie Group currently manages over $200 million dollars in defined contribution group plan assets for our clients and has the expertise and experience to assist your team and plan members. Typically we are able to assist your corporation in meeting the CAP guideline requirements at no additional cost to your organization. Unfortunately many programs offered today are not complying with these requirements and are opening their organization up to potential liability and litigation.
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