The Steps Retirement Program (“Steps”)  is an online tool that  enables you to set your retirement income goal (or yearly income in retirement),  create  a plan to help you achieve it, and track your progress.  Steps helps you figure out how much money you’ll need when you retire. And how much you need to save during your working years to generate that  money.

Steps combines your current salary and savings – with built-in assumptions  to create  a projection of your income at retirement. You can use the tool to determine how much you need to save

and what changes  you could make until retirement to stay on track. It works in three easy steps and is available in your online account  at Here is an overview of the process.

Set your retirement income goal

You begin by entering  personal information  and answering  a few questions  to set a retirement income goal.

  • Do you want to include non-registered money or only registered savings, your Old Age Security (“OAS”) and Canada Pension Plan/Quebec Pension Plan (“CPP/QPP”) benefits, and your spouse’s information?
  • Personal information includes current income, ongoing contributions, and your planned retirement age
  • What retirement lifestyle do you want? The site features videos which illustrate the lifestyles you can expect at different levels of annual retirement income.


Create your plan

Next, complete  the Investor Strategy Worksheet.

  • Identify your tolerance to risk by completing the Investor Strategy Worksheet  – it takes a couple of minutes
  • The information you enter helps to estimate your annual retirement income

Track your progress

Steps will generate your personal retirement income summary – a snapshot of your retirement income goal and estimated annual retirement income.

  • Compare your annual retirement income goal and your estimated annual retirement income –are you on track or are you falling short
  •  you’re on track, congratulations
  • If you’re falling short, you can use the interactive calculator in this section to adjust your monthly contribution amount, your retirement age, or your retirement income goal.

Now you can regularly track your progress and adjust your retirement plan to stay on track.

Set your retirement income goal today. Sign in to your online account  at Under “Plan for Retirement,” click “Set/Change My Goal.”